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Tuesday, 24-Oct-2006 04:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark

So i am here with the hangover of Dhwani... our cultural fest... it was one of the biggest event that i have ever seen straight...hope it was much bigger than RAGAM of NIT.The whole event lasted for four days..The final day was the pro show by Bombay Rockers..Though we tried for STRINGS they had some NOC problems...those 4 days were real DHAMAKA.. all the programs were really keeping a high standard.. DANCE FASHION SHOW DHWANI IDOL, MR &MS DHWANI.. everything just rocked... CET made her head held high for sure.. Shall add some pics of the event

Saturday, 9-Sep-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ride back to home
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so again comes onam holls.. ten days back to home... this time it was mainly engaged with our two lil babies sree and devna.sree is 2year old ad devna only 8 months...she has now got a rich smile which will remain in ur heart for a long cute with not even a single teeth.sree is now really talking ,,,she recognises almost all adds and actors..Singing songs,dancing and all she makes the home lively..they even put the pookkalam.she looked cute in mundu... .she was working hard to make it look like a pookklam ,

the first onam was at our home.. sree devna ,their parents all were here ... at night we went for a dinner at rara avis... it was really heavy...the second onam was at pattiam , my amma house...

they have gone back to calicut and i really miss them badly... i shall upload a few pics of them..u will love that smile...

Tuesday, 22-Aug-2006 16:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
trip to kanya kumari

scorpio again makes me cool
calm before the storm !!haha
on the way to kk
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so its a long time since i have written anything...some thing special ,,,my brother is going to get married>>
oh my i cant think him as a responsible guy with a me he is just some one like me... very cool. very sensitive..."SENSITIVE AND LOVABLE" thats him.As now he is a PR of Australia all phone calls ends in nostalgia.. He misses our playground and union office where we used to play carroms.So he is coming on december to get wedlocked...
She "NISARI" (peculiar name) has completed her BTECH and now doing JAVA.She is at Mahe.
Between that as the title says ,yesterday we went for a trip to KanyaKumari.actually it was a trip sponsored by Jaydeep who got in Ernest and young last day.
We went in a Scorpio and a Tempo Traveller.IT was a nice trip with about 30 of us wandering simply at night over the seashore.. I shall add some pics.. actually taken in my new mob W810i presented by brother..eventhough we missed the sunrise i really loved the atmosphere over there... please visit theplace if you havent ever done it. its cool and the calmness Vivekananda found still prevails to some extend...
so let me load the pics

Explaining the tour i will have to write the riding with scorpio. For me it was the second time driving a big one. but it was cool. jovin once reached 120 and still it was not shivering. the other 20 were in a tempo and to be frank it was better than us. It was a great vehicle with almost all luxury. We stopped here and there and captured all beautiful scenes,

Wednesday, 5-Jul-2006 01:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark

pulsar makes me happy
nice attempt ryt...
suryanamasakaaaram(abdul hameed!!!)
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so after the hecked up placement process we just took a ride to neyyar irrigation project dam..just 30 kms away,,, we were just four in joy abdu and pattu(nikesh),,,

it was of course a nice trip... with more than half distance through remote areas...
but finally as we reached there it was cool... we hit a beautiful transparent lake.....a guy over there commented that it was similiar to lake placid... after having a few snaps we went to dam and just hung there about an hour,,, i shall share a few moments from there ... bye till the next trip... now its the season of trips i beleive

Sunday, 11-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
back hostel....

its clear...
mandan(jovin) with 60's bajo
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so iam back here... its hostel ...the loveliest space on u can see love in its most raw form....leave it...
if i gonna show all the friends may fill the whole 25mb.....its a world of friends...full of 'choris' andfun...
we celebrate almost everything...even exams ..maybe its the biggest celebration... so its smooth.. there are guys from all part of kerala and also outside... we call them totally as chinese( )..
we lack bucket ,water ,soap,paste and all such basic things...beleive in the great IDEA OF SHARING( )
so let me show a few of them..the family of friends...its all from mh which holds the caption..".ONE FOR ALL...ALL FOR ONE..." [b][i]

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